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About Us : Malta Tours and Tickets it’s an online company of excursion and leisure trips created by the combined experience of people working in the Tourism enviroment.

With us, you will be able to find the best options to discover and enjoy the beautiful Islands of Malta.

We offer tours and products of Maltese companies certified and qualified in providing the best experience to tourists of all the ages.

With our section “Ask the Local”, you will have all your answers to your questions about Malta, plus, the possibility to arrange surprises, booking a restaurant or customizing your tour.

Our Aim

The aim  of Malta Tours and Tickets  is to offer the best selcetion of exscursion and tours of the Maltese Archipelago (Malta, Gozo and Comino), by working with professional and licensed companies

We want to leave an unforgettable memory of  the Maltese Islands trying to follow our client in choosing the best option,


The collaboration is the key to make something great.

We costantly analyze and study what a tourist needs, trying to see everything from  the same prospective, giving an high value to the term of Holiday: a moment of our life that has been planned for a long time or maybe not , but once arrived has to be worth, as sometimes, time is gold!

Why Malta?

Malta is becoming through the years a destination of leiusre and relax, thanks to the warm temperature and the countless job opportunities, furthermore, his capital ( La Valletta) has been nominated “European Capital of Culture of the 2018”.

It’s impressive how such a tiny island can be host over 5000 years of heritage and history, starting from his Meghalitic Temples arriving to the stunning fortification built up by the Kignts of St. John, who ruled this country giving a priceless amount of treasures.


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